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Is your pet on the pudgy side of cuddly?

Is your pet on the pudgy side of cuddly?

Did you know that over 40% of dogs and 30% of cats in Australia are classified as either overweight or obese?!!!!

Much like with us, when an animal is overweight it can develop all kinds of health problems, such as painful arthritis, heart disease, breathing difficulties, diabetes, liver and pancreatic disease and even some types of cancer. All of these issues impact your pets quality of life and reduce play time.

Obese cats and dogs can develop complicated health issuesThere are a number of reasons why our pets pack on the pounds – from feeding habits, lack of exercise, age, gender and neutering status….the bottom line is if your pet is consuming more calories than they are burning, they will store the excess energy as body fat.

To help your pet drop their unwanted weight, our team at New England Vets are now offering FREE weight clinics in which one of our trained team members will determine your individual pet’s ideal weight and body fat percentage. We will then use this information to customise feeding plans for lasting weight loss success. Your pet will have regular checkups and weigh ins to monitor and track their progress. To sweeten the deal even more we will be offering a 10% discount on all of our weight loss diets, to maximise success with the program. There will also be prizes for the groups who lose the most combined percentage of weight and to the individual pet that drops the most KGs.

If you are interested in joining up for our weight clinics or would like more information get in touch with us today 🙂

More information from the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia


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