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Parasite control for your pet

This quarters focus is parasite control for your pet.

Parasite control for your pet

We’ve decided to run some Themed Quarters to focus on the issues we see as the most important in preventative health in your pets!

This quarter, as in November-December-January we’d like to focus on parasite control, as the warmer months are when we see more parasite problems as the temperature and humidity allows for a faster life-cycle in most insects, and pets are often exposed to more parasites during the warmer, more outdoors-y times. For example people are more likely to travel to the coast during these months and will need extra protection against ticks and heartworm. There are also more puppies and kittens around at this time of year and they need extra protection as overly heavy flea or worm burdens can be deadly to them!

So to get things started, we would like to offer a free worming to every pet that presents for vaccination during these months. Whether we worm your pet during the consult, or you take a wormer home to use when they are next due is up to you. By vaccinating and worming you are already halfway to completing preventative medicine in your pet! And prevention is just SO much better than cure (and easier, and cheaper).

We can also discuss your pets’ other parasite prevention needs based on their risk such as heartworm protection, tick protection, and of course fleas!

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